Your Franchise Business Opportunity

The Lawnscience lawn care business is built on service and flexibility. This is one of the key reasons why we are successful at both recruiting new customers, into lawn care, and also regularly winning customers from our competitors.

As part of the process of building our business model we have developed several marketing initiatives which will drive new potential lawn care clients to your new business.

Your initial contact with a potential customer will come as a result on one of these marketing initiatives or quite often because one of your current customers has referred you to a friend, relative or neighbour.

The first stage of your service will be to undertake a professional appraisal of their lawn, this is a critical stage and one where many of our competitors fail. At Lawnscience we take more time to really understand a new clients lawn and what needs to be done to bring it up to its potential.

Having fully understood the condition of the lawn you will advise your client as to what treatments are required to improve it and also its future maintenance needs. Having gained the go ahead, which is normally given at your first meeting, you will commence your treatment program and maintain regular contact with your customer to keep them appraised as to their lawns progress.

Throughout the year our marketing programmes will help you to maintain contact with your customer supplying quality advice and guidance throughout the year.