Why we just can’t train you in two weeks

As a Lawnscience lawn care partner we want to work with you as you create your own successful business for yourself, but not by yourself.

We want to ensure that you not only understand each aspect of your lawn care business but that you are also proficient in delivering a consistent high level of service to our customers.

Our training is key to preparing you to launch and manage your own lawn care business. When we developed our training systems we tried to make them as compact as possible, whilst still ensuring we covered all of the required subjects. Our aim was to achieve it in two weeks, which is the standard within the UK lawn care industry. But we just could not do it in two weeks, we would have had to scrimp here or there, so we extended our training to three weeks. An extra week is a small price to pay to ensure you really are the leader in your local lawn care market, we think you’ll agree.

The training and support packages are targeted to help you through the entire process from the initial establishment of your business, to learning the technical know how you will need to understand how to create great lawns. We will also train you to market and promote your business so you can quickly recruit new customers.

Our training is broken down into six key modules, click on the green boxes to the right to see what’s in store.